TAWL Health Care

Title: Medical Social Worker

Responsible for the provision of professional social work services to agency clients in accordance with an established physician plan of care and in compliance with state and federal regulations as well as agency policies and procedures.

1. Masters Degree from an accredited school of social work. Evidence of current registration and certification in the state of Texas.
2. Minimum of one (1) year of social work experience in a health care setting, preferably with exposure to geriatric and medical / surgical clients.
3. Effective verbal and written communication skills.
4. Valid driver's license in the state of Texas, with available and dependable transportation and proof of current automobile liability insurance.
5. Ability to meet minimum agency hiring standards which include evidence of current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate and willingness to perform such procedures in the home setting.
6. Essential physical, mental and / or environmental working conditions.
a. Must be able to meet the physical demands which include standing, walking, bending, lifting and transferring.
b. Must be able to utilize good judgement, demonstrate patience and maintai a professional demeanor.
c. Must be able to work in a busy and stressful environment.


1. Provides rehabilitative and supportive social work services under the direction of an attending physician designed to restore to optimum levels of social health.
a. Assessment and evaluates client need for social work services.
b. Initiates client care plan for services and makes home visits to implement physician ordered plan of care.
c. Instructs clients and family members in physician plan and assists in identification of financial and community resources as necessary.
d. Advices and consults with family, physician and other personnel about the social, emotional and environmental needs related to the client's health condition.
e. Develops plan of care in consultation with physician and updates / revises according to client response to treatment.
2. Maintains a profesisonal manner at all times.
a. Maintains professional appearance in accordance with dress code policy.
b. Demonstrates willingness to assist co-workers as needed.
c. Maintains a good rapport with other employees, visitors and clients.
d. Projects the agency's positive services image in all client, business and community interactions.
e. Responds to clients with empathy and positive interpersonal skills.
f. Demonstrates commitment and action to the maintenance of positive and effective working relationships with other agency personnel and disciplines.
g. Always greets clients and family members in a courteous and professional manner.
h. Consistently handles all requests in a positive manner as evidenced by feedback received.
i. Promotes a positive mental attitude and a commitment to clients, staff and agency.
j. Promotes positive interdepartmental relationships in order to ensure coordination of services.
3. Displays knowledge of the scope of social work services available under the home health benefit.
a. Displays knowledge of all services provided by the agency and cost, if any, to the client.
b. Has knowledge of local, state and federal regulations related to home care.
c. Screens hospitalized client's referred to home health for potential and unsafe situations as requested.
d. Notifies hospital units of current or part home health clients admitted to the hospital, if hospital affiliated agency.
e. Provides follow-up information to hospital unit on clients referred for home health agency service.
4. Maintains and submits accurate and timely clinical documentation for the clients record.
a. Completes and documents a thorough psychosocial assessment and history on all clients within 48 hours of admission visit.
b. Develops a psychosocial treatment plan to meet the social and emotional needs related to the health problems.
c. Documents all communication and reports each visit.
d. Participates in client care conferences on a regular basis.
e. Maintains confidentiality of all client / family communications and interactions according to agency policy.
5. Complies with established agency policies related to home health care.
a. Complies with all local, state and federal regulations and guidelines regarding social service and client eligibility.
b. Attends monthly staff meeting and ongoing continuing education programs as well as all mandatory inservice programs.
c. Acquires ten (10) education contact hours per fiscal year and documents those hours with the education and training department, or six (6) hours of university course work in a related health care area.
d. Fosters professional relationships outside the agency as evidenced by membership in professional organizations and / or community activities.
e. Conducts inservice seminars on social work services and issues as requested by the Administrator.
* Since it is difficult to identify all essential functions of a job because of changes in the workplace, this job description will be reviewed periodically to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.*

I understand I am not eligible for employment if I have ever been convicted of a criminal offense or under criminal indictment / charge of an offense that did or would have endangered a client or fellow employee or property of a client, employee or employer.

I have read and understand this job description and agree to the condition set forth herein.