TAWL Health Care

Policy and Procedure Manual
Title: Home Health Aide

Responsible for provision of personal care and related assigned services to agency clients in accordance with an established physician plan of care and under the supervision of a registered nurse or other professionals as dictated by law.

1. High school diploma or equivalent with ability to read, write and follow written instructions.
2. Evidence of successful completion of a home health aide competency program within the immediate past twelve (12) months preferred.
Home Health Aide certification where state regulations require it.
3. One (1) year of experience as a home health aide / nurse aide preferred.
4. Ability to function with minimal supervision and accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships with clients / family members.
5. Valid driver's license in the state of Texas, with available and dependable transportation, proof of current automobile liability insurance.
6. Ability to meet minimum agency hiring standards which include evidence of current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate and willingness to perform such procedures in the home setting.
7. Essential physical, mental, and / or environmental working conditions:
a. Must be able to meet the physical demands which including standing, walking, bending, lifting, and transferring.
b. Must be able to utilize good judgement, demonstrate patience, and maintain a professional demeanor.
c. Must be able to work in a busy and stressful environment.


1. Assists with personal care and related activities as assinged on care plan to preserve good client hygiene and promote a healthful and safe environment.
a. Carries out all assigned personal care duties as assigned by the supervising RN.
b. Assists with the prescribed exercise programs under the supervision of a license physical therapist or RN.
c. Promotes client comfort according to individual tolerance level per activity.
d. Assists clients in ambulation and / or transfer using proper body mechanics to protect client and personal safety.
e. Prepares meals and assists clients with eating as assigned by the supervising RN.
f. Routinely assists clients with elimination needs.
g. Observes and reports client complaints / problems to the RN Supervisor immediately.
h. Contacts the RN by telephone to report emergency situations and request special instructions.
i. Records intake and output and vital signs as ordered.
j. Performs simple household procedures essential to maintenance of proper health care at home, such as disposal of infectious secretions, cleaning of soiled linen, proper disposal of food, simple meal preparation and housekeeping which does not prolong stay or interfere with client care.
2. Maintains and submits required documentation relative to care delivered to the client.
a. Communicates client concerns and problems through proper channels via written and verbal modalities.
b. Records all observations relating to care and treatment given in the client's clinical record.
c. Completes a note for each visit delivered to the client.
d. Attends client care conferences as assigned.
e. Follows established procedures for charge items and ensures that all charges are properly entered at the time of usage for total billing.
3. Demonstrates accountability in completion of assigned duties in client care as well as other related office activities.
a. Presents a professional and mature manner at all times.
b. Dresses appropriately for a home care environment.
c. Interacts with the public in a polite and courteous manner.
d. Demonstrates willingness to listen to personnel and family with a goal for a speedy problem resolution.
e. Maintains strict confidentiality concerning client information.
f. Utilizes client care equipment and supplies in a cost-effective manner.
g. Delivers safe care according to physician orders, agency policies, and established care standards.
h. Attends required meetings to meet regulatory requirements.
i. Participates in staff development activities and assumes responsibility for growth and development.
j. Attends twelve (12) inservice programs per year, including infection control, inservice, problem-solving with management during the course of on-site supervisory visits.
* Since it is difficult to identify all essential functions of a job because of changes in the workplace, this job description will be reviewed periodically to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.*

I understand I am not eligible for employment if I have ever been convicted of a criminal offense or under criminal indictment / charge of an offense that did or would have endangered a client or fellow employee or property of a client, employee or employer.

I have read and understand this job description and agree to the condition set forth herein.